Monday, April 12, 2010

Blue Mitted Ragdoll Cat

Blue mitted ragdoll cat is a kind of mitted ragdoll cats pattern which has the color light blue on several spots of its body.

1. The characteristics of a blue mitted ragdoll cat

- Mask, ears, tail, legs have a light blue color

- Front and back paws, chin are white

- Body shades are lighter(blue) than point color.

- Has a white blaze between the eyes(from the forehead) or besides the nose

- Blue eyes with white belly

2. Pictures of blue mitted ragdoll cat

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat

blue point mitted ragdoll cat

blue blaze mitted ragdoll kitten

3. Video(youtube)

Share your stories about your blue mitted ragdoll cat(if you have one) by leaving a comment. Thanks!


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