Friday, May 1, 2009

Ragdoll Cats Grooming Guide

In today post, I will touch a little bit on grooming tips. As you may noticed(if you owned or adopt any ragdoll), they posses a thick long hair. From their body to their tail, you can see a fine line of fur that are very soft and silky. Usually ragdoll cats will do the grooming themselves and don't require an excessive care from their owners. However, to prevent the fur from matting, you can do your part by giving them a light brushing several times a week. It's best to start grooming your ragdoll at early stage, preferably when they are still kittens. Here is some tips that you can use to effectively groom your ragdoll cats and kittens.
  1. Use the proper comb or brush
  2. Try to use a medium or wide-toothed comb that can easily glide through your cat's fur. This is to ensure that it will not accidentally pulled your cats hair that shows knot forming.

  3. Brush Gently
  4. Always comb your ragdoll slowly and gently when grooming. Too fast brushing can lead into tangling and messing their fur.


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